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Mousesports CS:GO Player Ropz Reveals How They Manage To Comeback Against Astralis



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19-year-old Estonian CS:GO player Robin Kool, known as “ropz” has been playing for Mousesports since April 2017. Since then, he earned over $400.000 from the tournaments with the team. Lastly, they managed to win the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals against Astralis with a huge comeback from 14-8.

On 9 December, after their victory, did an interview with him and ropz revealed what happened at that moment and how did they manage to comeback.

“Before we talk about the grand final, let’s discuss the semi-final against Astralis. The series was incredibly close, where you managed to pull ahead in the end against all odds. Train was won in overtime, and on Dust2 you ground out eight back-to-back rounds to win it 2-1. Take us over the series and how the team kept composure despite the situations you found yourselves in.”

ropz replied:

“On Train we felt really comfortable. We knew what they were going to do on the T side, we knew what their gaps were on CT, so Train was really comfortable. Talking about the veto, we were really close to picking Overpass, because karrigan had a really good gameplan going into it, but I’m glad we didn’t as they picked it and it turned out so well.”

ropz continued:

“Overpass was kind of a fly-by from them, but going into Dust2 I think it was a 50/50 at that point. They had a really good start on the T side and I think we couldn’t lock down some of the rounds we should have because frozen was having an unlucky game and woxic couldn’t find any gaps. They were abusing A Long really hard, so it was a tough game for the guys on A. They had some unreal timings splitting B and stuff like that. I think they played really well on the T side, but when it came to our T side, I have to say woxic and chrisJ saved our asses there. chrisJ stepped up on the start of the T side, and then woxic hit some amazing shots and we were just climbing back.”

He added:

“When it was 14-8, karrigan had some of these moments when everything just clicks in his brain and he makes the right call every single time. Everywhere you go there’s just one guy and we easily re-frag him, and I think that’s what happened. Karrigan was just calling amazingly on the T side, and that’s how we came back.”

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