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Mousesports CS:GO Player ropz Unveils Their Goal In 2020



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20-year-old Estonian CS:GO player Robin Kool, known as “ropz,” has been representing Mousesports jersey for over two years. In his career with Mousesports, he earned around $500.000 from the tournaments that they attended.

During the recent interview with, ropz revealed their goal in 2020 as a team. asked:

“Talking about your peak, you ended 2019 on a high winning trophies and getting good results. What are your goals as a team going into 2020? How high do you want to go?”

ropz replied:

“Our general goal is to become number one. Not just by ranking, but actually be the best team. We want to make it the hard way. We don’t really have any other goals than that, just to improve and play well in every tournament we attend. “

He added:

“We went down a bit in 2019, towards the middle of the season, so becoming more consistent, as well. Becoming top one and gaining more consistency.”

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