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Mousesports CS:GO Player Woxic Smashes This Weapon



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21-year-old Turkish CS:GO player Özgür “woxic” Eker had played for teams like Dark Passage and Hellraisers. Since 14 March 2019, he has been playing for Mousesports. On 1 November, after their loss to the Heroic at the EPICENTER 2019, woxic smashed the SG553.

woxic said:

“Fuck this SG”

He added:

“That’s not about that Eco round, you can not peek against SG if he is sitting and waiting for u,have a no chance to peek against that person no matter which gun u have. U don’t need talent, game sense or aim, just sit on ur ass and press ms1.This game becoming dogshit day by day.”

You can read his tweets below.


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