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Mousesports’ New CS:GO Coach mithR: “I’m Not Gonna Teach Them How To Play The Game”



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Torbjørn Nyborg, known as “mithR,” is a 31-year-old Danish CS:GO coach who had worked for teams like North, Renegades, and more. This month, he joined Mousesports as a new head coach after rejin’s departure.

mithR spoke in a recent interview with and talked about his relationship with his new teammates and what he will do for the team to improve themselves.

In the conversation, mithR mentioned that he won’t be teaching how to clutch or call in mid-round, instead, he will be creating routines, he will make sure that every player is working hard, and create some tactics and strategies for the roster to create consistency.

Interviewer asked:

“How do you plan to help mousesports primarily? It is very hard to rate the impact of a coach, but what should people be looking out for to see if you are accomplishing what you set out to do?”

mithR replied:

“In my opinion, the primary job of a coach is to secure growth and there are a number of ways to do that. I’m not here to teach Finn how to call, or Robin how to clutch a 1v3, but I can create a structure around the team that demands the best from every single player and that they work hard.

I create goals that we work on as a team and evaluate in a certain way, create routines that improve consistency, and make sure that we stay curious, motivated, and continue improving.

Next to that, I’m also good at coming up with new ideas for the tactical aspects of the game such as new pistol rounds, CT reactions, principles of play, etc.”

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