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Movistar Riders CS:GO Player steel Reveals How It Feels Like To Play In Spain



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Lucas Benedito Lopes, known as “steel” is a 26-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player who had played for teams like Immortals, Luminosity Gaming, Team Liquid and more. In October 2019, he joined the Spanish team Movistar Riders.

On 22 December, during the interview with, he revealed how he feels like to play in the Europian team as a Brazilian player about the playstyles.

“Talking about this being a new team, you came into the team in mid-October alongside loWel as the team’s new in-game leader. What do you think you have brought to the team from your experiences leading the likes of Luminosity and Immortals in the past? Would you say you have changed the system a lot since coming in?”

steel said:

“Yes and no. I, personally, bring a style where my players play looser, but not too much. At first contact, I knew the European style was better than my style and because of that, we began to create a team based around Riders’ strats and game style with small details of my game that I brought from the Brazil.”

“Like a mixture of both?”

steel replied:

“Yeah, a mix together! But most of it is the European style and the style they already had and I just added bit more freedom in certain rounds, stuff like that. But generally, we are playing with more of a European approach with a bit of my Brazilian style.”

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