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Movistar Riders’ Goga Explains Why He Decided To Retire



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Daniel Mazorra Romero, known as “Goga,” is a 26-year-old Spanish Rainbow Six Siege player who is considered as one of the best supports in the game. Since September 14, he has been playing for Movistar Riders.

Goga had been playing with the legendary G2 Esports roster since their day at PENTA Esports back in 2017. Even though the roster dominated the world for years, they had been struggling in 2019.

Therefore, G2 Esports decided to part ways with Goga as they agreed with Pascal “cryn” Alouane. Afterward, he tried out his luck in Team Vitality but got benched in March 2021, which was the time he announced his retirement.

However, things started differently in 2021 as the professional players who announced their retirements started to come back such as Goga, Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski, and Alexander “Skys” Magor.

During a recent interview with, Goga talked about why he actually decided to retire back then and explained what really happened behind the scenes.

In the conversation, Goga pointed out that he had been suffering from burnout problems due to the lack of rest time, which also affected his motivation, and stated that it prevented him to enjoy Rainbow Six Siege in the end.

Goga talked about his retirement in the interview:

“A lack of motivation, burnout, not having enough time to rest. I just did not want to keep playing.

Mentality is the most important thing, if you feel the pressure or you feel nervous, you are going to struggle. The team is going to struggle.”

Later in the interview, the experienced player explained why he return back to the competitive play and touched upon the fact that playing with the Spaniards and doing something new was a key factor for him.

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