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MSL’s Biggest Concern About The Grenade Update Comes True



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Mathias Sommer Lauridsen, known as “MSL,” is a 26-year-old Danish CS:GO player who is considered one of the greatest in-game leaders. Most recently, he was playing for North and Optic Gaming.

Recently, Valve introduced one of the biggest updates into the Counter-Strike that changed the meta on the utility side of things. Since the update, players can now drop grenades to the ground and pick them up.

Even though some of the player-base liked the change and wanted to test it out, some of the players believed that this would make CT side even more stronger due to the utility stacks, such as MSL.

During a match between OG Esports and Sprout at IEM Fall 2021, mastermind Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen showed how CT side can use this new featur in their favor and dominated the game with the utility.

Following the match, MSL took his official Twitter accout to share his opinion about their gameplay.

In the post, MSL pointed out that his biggest concert was having a strong CT side due to the new utilty changes. As MSL said, OG Esports find a way to abuse this feature that made them such a strong team and mentioned that there will be a more to come in the future.

MSL on the OG’s utility usage:

“My biggest concern with this Update, was CTs being too overpowered with utility.

OG already found one way to abuse it on Dust 2, I’m guessing there will come a lot more. Everyone who wrote shit to me, will eat their words or you think it’s fine to have 5 HEs for short for the rotation?”

You can check out the post below.

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