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Myth Gets A 1v4 Clutch In Valorant With Skye



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Ali “Myth” Kabbani is a 22-year-old American former Fortnite player who has been streaming full-time on Twitch. Right now, he is under contract with Team SoloMid as a content creator, playing games such as Valorant, Call Of Duty, and more.

Myth shared a new post on his official Twitter account today and showed how he perfectly turned things around even though he was the only one alive in his team.

In the video, you can see that Myth was playing Skye on the Bind map as an attacker. When he was trying to attack the B bombsite from long, all of his teammates died. To win the round, Myth needed to do such incredible work.

First, Myth took down enemy Sage and Jett instantly with a perfect spray transfer. Afterward, he used his ultimate ability to learn the positions of the last two enemies. Later on, Myth faked that he was going to elbow, and supressed Killjoy who was on the side.

As for his last kill, Myth was searching the enemy Omen who was sitting in hookah. He crouched towards under the balcony and managed to spray down the head of Omen. With this kill, Myth won the round and showed his worth to the community once again.

Myth wrote:

“First day back on Valorant, and we hit this banger.”

You can check out the post below.

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