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Myth Gets An Insane Ace In Valorant During His Twitch Stream



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Ali Kabbani, known as “Myth,” is an American Twitch streamer and a content creator who has been working with Team SoloMid for over two years now. He has become popular with his content on Fortnite, but now he is also known in the Valorant community.

Myth is not only a casual player as you might have taught, he is also collaborating with many players in his games and also co-streams the Team SoloMid Valorant tournaments as he coaches the team remotely.

Besides that, he is also impressing the community with his insane clips, which one of them happened on his recent stream. As you can see in the video below, Myth was playing Sage on the new map, Breeze, as a defender.

He was trying to hold the A bombsite, and he put Sage’s wall into the entrance of A main. He firstly trying to get out of Sova’s ultimate ability when he was chilling on the right side of the wall and changed his position through the gap on the left side of the wall.

Then, Myth has made one of the biggest trigger disciplines that we have ever seen. He let the enemy Reyna pass until he saw the Jett, and killed both of them. Afterward, he swung to the right side and sprayed down the rest of the enemies as he secured the round for his team.

Here is what Myth wrote:

“You ain’t allowed in my site!”

You can check out the post below.

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