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Natus Vincere Announces Apex Legends Roster Changes



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Artem Nechaev, known as “pkmk” is a Russian Apex Legends player who had been representing Natus Vincere since 3 May 2019. On 22 October, Natus Vincere announced that they decided to bench pkmk.

Apex Legends team manager of Natus Vincere, Aleksandr “SA” Kravchuk said:

“We’ve all become good friends during the time Artem spent on the team, and it’s twice as pitiful to part ways with someone, but we need to move forward. I would like to thank Artem for his contribution to the results, and to the personal growth of each and every one of us. I am sure the player of such a level will find a team in no time. Good luck, Artem, and a big thanks!”

pkmk said:

“I hope in the end the team will come to the level of interaction they strive to achieve. I wish the guys good luck in the future! But my ninja path is far from over. We will see each other on the different sides of the battlefield next time”

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