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Natus Vincere Announces New Partnership: “Caffeine”



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NaVi is an e-sports organization from Ukraine, founded in 2009. On 1 February 2019, NaVi has announced their new broadcast partnership: Caffeine.

Caffeine was founded in 2016, broadcasting platform features their users a simple interface, clean desing, 3D items for enhancing broadcasting and more. Navi takes broadcasting to another dimension; their plan is broadcasting from bootcamps, backstages, not only from tournaments.

According to Natus Vincere website:

“We know how important it is for you to not only follow our matches, but also keep tabs on everything happening around and beyond them. Well, with our new partner Caffeine it will be much easier to do, having access to the real-time coverage of our player’s lives. We’re talking about broadcasts from bootcamps, backstages of tournaments, players’ streams and other exclusive content. “

“What’s this It’s a new streaming platform that enables you to get closer to your favorite players. Caffeine’s new social features will help launch NaVi up to the new level of interaction with our fans. Be sure to join in on that sweet #NAVINATION experience for yourself!”

CEO of Natus Vincere Yevhen Zolotarov said:

“I’m thrilled to announce our partnership with Caffeine! This is the case when the emergence of a new streaming platform is like a breath of fresh air for the industry. Frankly speaking, not all the features have been implemented yet. However, I am completely sure that Caffeine has all chances to become the platform where our players stream passionately and interact with fans. Our goal is to help to become the most convenient and popular streaming service with the help of NAVI players and the whole esports community”

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