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Natus Vincere Announces New Partnership: Shadow



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Shadow is analysis organization for games like CS:GO, League of Legends, DOTA2; It established in 2016, founded by DOJO Madness. To improve in game tactics, practices, and preparations, most of esport teams are cooperating with Shadow such as Astralis, MIBR and SPLYCE. Na’Vi is now one of them. The biggest difference compared to CS:GO replay system is grenade trajectories. Shadow has a grenade trajectories in their demos.

Natus Vincere’s Coach Mykhailo “Kane” Blagin said:

“Anyone who works with replays(demos) knows how long it takes the game to rewind. If you need to study a certain round, you have to wait each time while the game rolls it back to the start. In Shadow, you can instantly replay the most important moments of the game, saving minutes of precious time that would have been wasted. Also, CS:GO replay system does not show the Molotov and grenade trajectories. This is fixed in Shadow.”

“I am glad that today NAVI are starting a partnership with Shadow. We will be able to quickly and thoroughly prepare for a matchup with an enemy. When they decide to surprise us, we will be ready for it, starting with the very basics of the tactic – flash grenade”

Head of Shadow Tim “Magic” Sevenhuysen said:

“Our goal at Shadow is to be relied on daily by the world’s best esports teams. We’re thrilled to strengthen our partnership with NAVI to not only showcase how effective the right analytics can be when put into action at the highest levels of competition, but also to delve deeper into what a team like NAVI needs so we can continue to improve Shadow with new innovations and lead the charge for the esports analytics industry.”

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