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Natus Vincere Announces New Rainbow Six Siege Member



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Natus Vincere is a Ukrainian esports organization that has been competing for games like CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, and many more. Two weeks ago, their player Ben “CTZN” McMillan left the team and joined G2 Esports.

Yesterday, NaVi announced that Byron Murray, known as “Blurr,” will be now representing their yellow jersey. He is loaned from Fierce Esports and looking for the shine in this team to prove himself.

Here is what Blurr said:

“This is an opportunity I had to take regardless of not playing at such a high level before, I will prove that I am capable to play in PL and I won’t let the NaVi team down for giving me this amazing opportunity!”

Team Manager of the NaVi, N1ghtEnd said:

“Both sides will benefit from this partnership. Thanks to Fierce Esports and Blurr for the help.”

Natus Vincere is now:

Byron “Blurr” Murray (on loan)

Szymon “Saves” Kamieniak

Luke “Kendrew” Kendrew

Leon “neLo” Pesić

Jack “Doki” Robertson (banned)

You can check his tweet below.

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