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Natus Vincere Announces Their Fifth Member Of Rainbow Six Siege Roster



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Dimitri de Longeaux, known as “Panix,” is a 24-year-old Swiss Rainbow Six Siege player who had played for teams like BDS Esports, Team Vitality, PENTA Esports and many more. In his career, he earned around $30.000 from the events.

As you can remember, Natus Vincere added Byron “Blurr” Murray to the roster over a week ago and yesterday, Natus Vincere announced their long-awaited fifth player, which is Dimitri¬†“Panix” de Longeaux.

Here is what Panix said:

“I am really proud to join such a legendary organization, but I am even happier to play with already proven winners and people who trust me 100% into their project! I am very excited to play PL again and set good foundations for a brand new team ! #navination”

His newest teammate Doki said:

“I am so excited to start working with Panix, he is a veteran professional player coming into the team with a lot of experience and expertise. Let’s build something amazing! Welcome, Panix!”

Head coach of Rogue, Crapelle replied to Panix:

“Congratulations my friend! Wish you the best!”

You can check the tweets below.

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