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Natus Vincere CS:GO Player s1mple About Flashpoint: “I’m Sad For Them”



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Oleksandr Olegovych Kostyliev, known as “s1mple,” is a 22-year-old Ukrainian CS:GO player who has been playing for Natus Vincere for over three years. Previously, he had played for teams like Hellraisers, Team Liquid, and more.

s1mple has shared a new post on his official Twitter account yesterday and shared his thoughts about Flashpoint Tournament. He said that they didn’t have a chance to prove themselves to what they are capable of about the LAN tournaments.

As you might remember, most of the events, tours, meetings were canceled or postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic which so far affected over 1M people around the world.

Here is what s1mple said:

“From the other side, I’m sad about Flashpoint because I know that the people who created this league understand that right now it’s hard to compete with ESL and they will do much better in future because right now there is no LAN, there is no stage, no audience, there is no tournament atmosphere at all and we ALL need to wait to really understand what kind of show they are preparing for viewers and fans.”

A fan named Ilia added this comment:

“So im not the only one who’s getting sick of this conversation?”

Another fan named Petrica wrote:

“Don’t try to compete with someone Flashpoint, try to dominate the thing.”

You can check his tweet below.

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