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Natus Vincere CS:GO Player s1mple Slams ESL: “Don’t Fool The Viewers!”



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One of the greatest players in the CS:GO history, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, is a 22-year-old Ukrainian player who has been playing under Natus Vincere jersey for over three years. Previously, he had played for Team Liquid.

s1mple criticized ESL on Twitter due to adding the fake sounds of him in the middle of the official matches, which he was saying how can we lose this.

He stated that he knows they are trying to be funny but they can fool the viewers with these kinds of phrases, and they should not do this again in the future for the fans.

Here is what s1mple wrote:

“I heard an English phrase in voice chat on the replay of our game, which was repeated 2 or 3 times : how can we lose this, 2v1? I know ESL trying to be funny but pls, don’t use fake phrases in official match cuz u fool around viewers and fans.”

A fan named Ayush Kant asked:

“Can anyone link this?”

s1mple replied with the link:

“And on the Russian stream, it was a different timing.”

You can check out the tweets and video below.

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