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Natus Vincere Dota 2 Player Mag Reveals What They Are Trying To Fix As A Team



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Andrey Chipenko, known as “Mag,” is a 30-year-old Ukrainian former Dota 2 player and currently a coach who has been working for Natus Vincere since 2018. In his career, he earned over $150.000 form the tournament.

Mag spoke in a recent interview with VPEsports and revaeled his opinion about the current roster of NaVi while explaining what they are working on as a team.

In the conversation, Mag stated that they found out some mistakes after the break about communication, team ideas, the way the team is playing, and more. Mag stated that they are trying to fix these problems and come back to the matches as stronger as they can be.

Interviewer asked:

“How do you like the progress of the new NAVI, are you satisfied?”

Mag replied:

“Let’s put it in this way. After the break, we found out that we had some issues. In communication, in team ideas, and in the way we cooperate together. That’s what we are trying to fix now. When we decided to play with Immersion and young G in the middle of June, we played a lot of srims and we did great.

We felt the meta and everything was smooth and well. We just had to work things out that way.

For now, we lost a bit of that feeling. But I do think that we have enough time to improve and find ourselves on the good side of Omega League.”

Interviewer also asked:

“Does the Omega League format work well for your team?”

Mag said:

“I think this is the ideal format in the current circumstances. We are at bootcamp now, we will not play officials all the time, every day. We will have gaps between games. In this format, we can spend this time very productively, and it will give a huge boost for the team.”

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