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Natus Vincere Player ADOUZ1E Says He Can’t Decide Where PUBG Is Going



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Roman Zinoviev, known as “ADOUZ1E ” is a PUBG player who had played for teams like Quantum Bellator Fire, Team Empire, Red Diamonds and more. Since April 2019, he is playing for Natus Vincere. On 28 July, he tweeted about whats going on with the competitive PUBG scene right now.

ADOUZ1E said:

“i feel PUBG is going right way and becomes smth bigger on e-sports scene after GLL,but this news about sanhok in phase 3 and 7 teams boycott MET Asia and will not play more,i start thinking end of PUBG is soon,so @PUBGEsports start listen players pls,until you killed the scene”

You can check his tweet below.

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