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Natus Vincere Rainbow Six Siege Player Doki Is Angry To Ubisoft Because Of This Strange Reason



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Jack Robertson, known as “Doki” is a 19-year-old Rainbow Six Siege player who had played for Vexed Gaming and MnM Gaming. On 1 June 2019, he joined the Natus Vincere. In July, after Ubisoft releases new season, cheaters and exploits-user numbers raised up. Then, Ubisoft decided to ban all these players and the big ban wave hit the game. Doki said that his fps dropping because of this ban wave and you can see why he is so pissed off because of this ban wave.

Doki said:

“Ban wave is great, however id like it if my fps didn’t drop to 90 every 5 seconds because the top right of my screen is being flooded with hilarious Uplay names”

You can check his tweet below.

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