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Natus Vincere Rainbow Six Siege Player Kendrew Unveils The Coach Preferences In The Game



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20-year-old British Rainbow Six Siege player Luke Kendrew, known as “Kendrew,” has been representing Natus Vincere for over six months. Before NaVi, he was playing for MnM Gaming.

On his official Twitter account, Kendrew explained the players’ and community’s thoughts about the coaches in the game. He said that most of them are valuing friendship over the work.

Here is what Kendrew wrote:

“Siege is a relatively new esport, filled with young players, who started out playing with their friends, it doesn’t surprise me that other then a group of coaches people believe that there isn’t enough reputable coaches, most will value their friendship over their work.”

Rogue player Korey replied:

“This fact applies to more than coaches, often have teams including us back then decided to choose friendship over the business in the hope to still succeed.”

Team Secret coach/manager r0usty said:

“Developing friendships is a very good bonus with all people co-working together but should not be a prerequisite for instance for good coaching. There´s a lot of misconceptions about what coaches are about and what they should be providing to the teams they coach.”

Kendrew replied:

“Exactly – a friendship can improve your relationship with the team but should never hinder your opinion, criticism or decisions”

r0usty replied:

“No, it should not. Within a team, whether you are staff or player the base of what everything is built is honesty and respect. If the team keeps those two as guidelines people will have the courage to express their opinions, criticism and make decisions that are beneficial.”

You can check his tweets below.

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