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Natus Vincere’s Doki Reveals His Opinion About Sam Fisher’s Entrance To Rainbow Six Siege



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Jack Robertson, known as “Doki,” is a 20-year-old British Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing Natus Vincere for over a year. Previously, he was playing for MnM Gaming.

When Ubisoft teased the new operation of Rainbow Six Siege, Shadow Legacy, they also introduced Sam Fisher as a new operator. After a short period, Doki took to his official Twitter account to share his thoughts about Sam Fisher.

In the post, Doki mentioned that attacker side had been missing an intel-gathering gadget, and Sam will be bringing this opportunity for them. He said that Sam Fisher is looking pretty good and stated that he is looking forward to playing him in the game.

Here is what Doki said:

“Zero is actually looking pretty good, I like his kit and how he has only 1 shootable charge. I feel attack have been missing some intel gathering outside of drones themselves – going to be a welcomed change in my eyes. Looking forward to it!”

You can check out his tweet below.

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