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Natus Vincere’s Newest CS:GO Player Perfecto Explains How He Joined The Team



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Ilya Zalutskiy, known as “Perfecto,” is a 20-year-old Russian CS:GO player who has been playing for Natus Vincere since January 2020. Before that, he was playing for Syman Gaming.

A few days ago, during the recent interview with, Perfecto shared the details of how he joined the team. asked:

“You were part of Syman for just over a year. How was it, parting ways with your first big organisation?”

Perfecto replied:

“It was difficult because I had gone through a long journey with the guys. They had practically become my second family because we had gone through so much together over the course of the year.

You could say the organisation took me in, I hadn’t played anywhere before. I am very thankful to my ex-teammates and the Syman organisation, they gave me all the conditions I needed to grow as a player. It was difficult parting ways and I’m thankful that they worked with me on the decision to sign with NaVi.” asked:

“How did you end up joining Na`Vi?”

Perfecto said:

“Andrey (B1ad3) sent me a message asking if I was interested in joining Na`Vi. Later, he said we should play some practice matches and test things out with the guys. We played for a couple of days, and after that, we started discussing the transfer with the organisation.”

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