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Natus Vincere’s Rainbow Six Siege Player Wants To Come Back To The Game



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German Rainbow Six Siege player Lukas “korey” Zwingmann, is playing for Natus Vincere for 2 Months. Before the Natus Vincere, They were playing for Mock-it Esports since 11 September 2018. After he joined NaVi, he wanted to take a break and in this break, korey got the time for thinking clearly so he realized that he wanted to come back to the game.

korey said:

“After taking some time to think about everything I’ve realized how much i enjoyed my time in PL and that i will miss it a lot. I’ve had some amazing 9 months and i will give my very best to come back.”

Pro player AceeZ replied:

“Come back stronger babe <3”

Also Stigi said:

“Hope you wont be away for long my friend”

Cloud9 Player H3dy replied:

“You can comeback soon. keep head up”

You can check the tweets below.

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