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Natus Vincere’s s1mple Says Picking Ancient Is A Gamble And Explains Why



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One of the best CS:GO players of all time, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, is a 23-year-old Ukrainian player who has been representing Natus Vincere for over four years. Previously, he was playing for Team Liquid.

s1mple and Natus Vincere have been dominating the scene for the last couple of months, and they recently made history by winning ESL Pro League Season 14 as well as the Intel Grand Slam.

During the press conference of ESL Pro League Season 14, s1mple shared his opinion about the newest map in the pool, Ancient, and explained why people should not pick the map at all.

In the conversation, s1mple touched upon the fact that Ancient is a brand new map and stated that there are always some new utilities around the map. Therefore, it would be a gamble to pick such a new map.

Even though s1mple thinks that none of the teams should pick Ancient and play it, he also pointed out that they are working and practicing on Ancient to not get fall behind against the rest of the teams.

s1mple shared his opinion about the Ancient map in the interview:

“I think everyone who picks Ancient is taking a gamble. They’re doing a coin flip because there is always something new on this map, some molotovs, some nades.

We’re always ready to play this map if anyone wants to pick it, of course we’re practicing it. All other teams have more chances on this map because it’s new.”

Further in the conversation, Natus Vincere’s 34-year-old coach B1ad3 talked about their performance in this year and stated that playing for the victory is the key point of their motivation.

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