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NBA Player Meyers Leonard Celebrates The Birthday Of TTfue



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Meyers Leonard is an NBA player and currently representing the Miami Heat. On the other hand, he plays Fortnite on Twitch with many players like TTfue, cloakzy and many more.

On 3rd January 2020, he celebrated the birthday of TTfue and shared a photo with him.

Meyers Leonard said:

“Yo @TTfue Happy Birthday my guy. Keep crushing life. And let me know when you’re ready to destroy @cloakzy in beer pong again”

Fortnite player Symfuhnyy replied:

“Yo screw u for making me look like I’m 4 feet tall”

Meyers replied:

“Lmao Sym. Love ya buddy. Stay in the gym! I told you I can help you get jacked!”

You can read the tweets below.

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