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NBK: “CS:GO And Valorant Are Going To Push Each Other To Be Better”



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Nathan Jordan Schmitt, known as “NBK,” is a 27-year-old French retired CS:GO player who had played for top-tier teams like Team Envy, G2 Esports, Team Vitality, OG Esports, and many more.

After parting ways with OG Esports, NBK announced his transition to Valorant at the end of June because he felt like he didn’t have anything left to achieve in Counter-Strike and wanted to start a new page with another game.

Yesterday, NBK shared a new video on his official YouTube account and made an ‘question & answer’ session with his followers. In the video, he talked about lots of things such as his decision behind transitioning to Valorant as well as his knowledge of the game.

One of the fans asked NBK if he thinks that Valorant will be better than CS:GO. However, NBK didn’t say anything about which game will be better in the future as most people wanted to hear.

Instead, NBK mentioned that both games are going to make great events in the future and said that they will push each other to be better. Also, NBK touched upon the fact that Valorant is a new game and it needs lots of time to grow in esports.

NBK said:

“In the future, I can easily see the two FPS games competing against each other without necessarily being number one or whatever. There’s going to be amazing events in Counter-Strike, There’s going to be amazing events in Valorant.

I think they are going to push each other to be better, as simple as that. That’s what I’m expecting. I have good hopes for Valorant and what is going to bring to the table and how it’s going to shape up in the future.

For it to be number one, only the time will tell. But what’s very important to remember that Valorant is one year old while Counter-Strike is more than twenty years old.”

You can check out the video below.

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