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New Update of Team Fortress 2 Is Now Available



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About the free to play game Team Fortress; sounds attractive to players with features like can be playeable on low-tech computers, creative/shooter based gameplay, teamwork and non-stop action.  We can say that a lot of games such as Overwatch and Paladins have might inspired from Team Fortress 2. In 22 January, valve realesed new update to Team Fortress 2.

Here is the notes:

  1. Improved memory usage on OS X and Linux systems; This should reduce the occurrence of “Out of memory or address space” errors on high texture quality settings. In particular, drastically improved memory usage for Linux users using mesa prior to mesa 19.0
  2. Added Respawn League AUS/NZ Highlander Season 2, AUS/NZ 4v4 Season 1, Asia Highlander Season 1, and Asia 4v4 Season 1 tournament medals
  3. Added Eu Mixes Cup 1 tournament medals
  4. Added KnightComp Season 1 tournament medals
  5. Updated cp_snakewater_final1 to fix missing player clips
  6. Updated the localization files

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