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Niantic Announces Pokemon Go Final Community Day Update



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Pokemon Go‘s next Community Day is fast approaching. The event is scheduled to take place all over the world on Saturday, February 16th.  Developer Niantic shared some surprises for the players.

Community Day event to evolve Swinub into Mamoswine, following an update from Niantic today on the rewards available and the upcoming Sinnoh Stone boost. Pokemon Go trainers can unlock a special move for the future community day. Also get triple the normal amount of Stardust for capturing Pokemon during the event.

To make it become a much easier to get a Mamoswine, Niantic is giving players a opinion to earn up to five Sinnoh Stones by battling other trainers during the community day, additional five by battling the team leaders.

And Niantic confirmed what will be available to those who go through the trouble of evolving Swinub into Mamoswine, via Piloswine.