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Niko Kovac’s Brother Accoused With Disgusting Thing – Here Is The huNter’s Answer



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Nemanja Kovac, known as “huNter” is a professional CS:GO player. 23 year old rifler has been playing for Valiance since 2017. On 19 May, he saw posts about him and his tattoo, calling him nationalist and worse.

huNter said:

“Wtf these idiots writing about me? That was the first set of jerseys in Valiance for every one of us and its not about flag or something,im not fucking nationalist. Im using this jersey, cause i don’t have jersey with Bosnian flag. Im Bosnian Serb and i like both countries the same.”

He added:

“Dont write shit about me and dont spread hatred if you dont have something smart to do. Thanks”

Caster and Analyst zesch replied:

“It‘s reddit, they‘ll come up with something and then think they graduated Harvard. Don‘t worry about it, ignore it.”

You can check his tweet and Reddit post from down below.

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