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Ninja Reveals Why PUBG Lost Their Players



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Tyler Blevins, known as “Ninja” is a 28-year-old American former Fortnite player who was playing for Luminosity Gaming. Also, he was a Twitch partner that who has a highest viewer count over  680,000 viewers. Right now, he is a full-time streamer on Mixer.

On 30 November, he replied to some Fortnite players and revealed why PUBG lost their players.

Team SoloMid player Daequan said:

“One day game developers will realize that you can’t protect noobs from getting bopped. You add ranked, people will smurf. You separate casual and ranked, ppl will just go bot farm in casuals. You try to change game mechanics to save them, you ruin your game. History doesn’t lie!”

LuzuGames replied:

“Games die when average players leave, they are the millions, not the 20 kills dudes. I agree, there should be a solution that works for everyone, but its the average player who keeps a game alive from a business point of view. Look at PUBG, only good players left, and for what?”

Ninja replied:

“Ehhhhh I disagree man. Pubg lost their players due to the terrible lag and updates that never fixed the game… then fortnite comes out and smashed it and everyone left BUT the harecore pub g fans who are obviously talented.”

PUBG player TaylorJay said:

“Yee pretty much”

LuzuGames replied:

“Yeah i agree with you absolutely, i think i phrased it wrong or something, what i meant with only good players left i meant it as “only good players were left playing the game” My english potatoes some times haha”

You can check the tweets below.

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