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Ninja Shows How To Keep Your Mental Health Safe With A Funny Meme



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Former Twitch and Mixer streamer Ninja took to his official Twitter account to share a new meme and revealed how to keep your mental health safe during these tough times.

Ninja shared a meme of a dog that saddened because nobody asks how he has been doing and made everybody laugh while touching upon the importance of checking out your friends’ status.

In the post, Ninja mentioned that asking people about how are they doing will keep the mental health safe and proved that friendship is one of the strongest fighters against mental health problems.

Here is what Ninja wrote:

“Mental health reminder to ask your friends and loved ones “How” they are doing, and really mean it. This is just the cutest meme/img that came to my head to tweet this :)”

A fan named Lloyd replied:

“I should do this daily. I’m so bad at reaching out.”

Another fan user named Swizz replied:

“Real talk. We need to check in on each other more than ever.”

You can check out the post below.

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