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Ninjas In Pyjamas Coach dohfOs Explains How Much Matters PUBG On His Life



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36-year-old Swedish PUBG coach Martin Lundén, known as “dohfOs” has been coaching for Ninjas In Pyjamas since September 2018. Before that, he was working for Welcome to South Georgo and Team Kinguin.

On 11 December, he revealed what changed in his life after he decided to move on for the PUBG.

dohfOs said:

“With #PUBG Esports 2020 being revealed and some time to think about what this means I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the right move by PUBG. And while #PEL was a failure in many ways, I’m extremely proud to have taken part in all @PEL_Esports phases together with my boys. PEL wasn’t all failure tho, PUBG have made tremendous strides throughout 2019 & many lessons were learned. I’d like to thank everyone involved, from players & colleagues to staff & organizers. PEL2019 will go down in history and I will look back at it as a great year of my life.”

dohfOs continued:

“But something had to change as the league format simply wasn’t sustainable & 2020 is just that, a change. Whether it will be a success is obviously something only time can tell. But at this point that an open circuit with 3+1 PUBG Corp hosted tournaments sounds like a good idea. For 2020 to be a success, we would obviously need to see 3rd party TO’s back on track. ESL, GLL, PGL, DH to name a few. I loved 2018, the competition, the travels. Let’s hope they still see the potential in PUBG Esports that we do & that PUBG Corp have another ace up their sleeve. the competitive PUBG scene still have so much to offer, the game itself is only getting better and better. At times it’s easy to forget how new PUBG Esports actually is & the growth and development from only a year ago ’til now is crazy good and there’s still room for improvement”

He added:

“2020 could also open up for more organizations to actually invest into PUBG, both small & big. With Pro Leagues the incentive to invest into PUBG if you weren’t one of the 16 was very low & expensive, now it won’t be. An open circuit makes up for new possibilities. PUBG Esports in 2020 could also see the 18 years of age bar lowered or removed completely, paving way for new talent such as @silerzz_PUBG to name one – that’s great news for the entire scene, props to all youngsters who stuck with it.”

dohfOs wrote:

“Now looking forward to PUBG in 2020. Much still have to fall in place, much still to be announced & thought out but I’m excited. Now we, the entire scene and @PUBGEsports as whole, learn from past mistakes and do better because of it. And again, thank you @PEL_Esports for 2019″

He lastly said:

“Last but not least, a big thank you to our fans, @NiPGaming and @ChahineHicham for your continued support and backing – invaluable. Now let’s make 2020 even better together!”

You can read his tweets below.

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