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Ninjas In Pyjamas CS:GO Coach THREAT Explains The Roles Of The Players



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31-year-old Swedish CS:GO coach Björn Pers, known as “THREAT,” has been working for Ninjas In Pyjamas since June 2016. In between October 2019-January 2020, he was an assistant coach under Faruk “pita” Pita.

After Ninjas In Pyjamas part ways with their core members, most of the community was wondering the roles in the team. During the recent interview with, THREAT cleared the air about this subject. asked:

“How has your approach changed, then, from dealing with experienced players back then to the position that you’re in now? What kind of difficulties does that bring?”

THREAT replied:

“It’s kind of nice in the sense that now you can actually mold the players more, they don’t have the old bad habits that I also had as a player, coming from the old scene where the players controlled everything. Now it can actually be a fresh start and we can become more professional, in a sense. It’s way easier to change the behavior of these players than it was with the old ones.” asked:

“How did you deal with the role changes that you had to make because of nawwk coming in, now having two primary AWPers?”

THREAT said:

“When you assign roles in CS, I usually prefer to do it on a map basis rather than on the whole. It’s so different playing the AWP on different maps. If you look at all my old teams, I never really had a dedicated AWPer.

Maybe one exception was draken, but, in that case, he was just so much more skilled with the weapon than the other players. But if you play Overpass or Dust2 or Inferno, the skillset you need is so different. If it just so happens that one player is better in that position, I don’t see that he shouldn’t do it just because he doesn’t have that role on all the maps.”

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