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Ninjas In Pyjamas CS:GO Player Dev1ce Shares A Farewell Message To Astralis



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One of the most consistent players in the CS:GO scene, Nicolai “Dev1ce” Reedtz, is a 25-year-old Danish player who had been representing Astralis for over five years. In his career, he earned over $1.800.000 from the tournaments.

After Astralis struggled to perform in the online era that came up after the coronavirus outbreak, the community expected to see a roster change from the Danish organization. However, things didn’t go the way as everybody expected.

Yesterday, Dev1ce announced his transfer to Ninjas In Pyjamas and shocked the whole gaming world, not just the CS:GO scene. And today, Dev1ce shared a farewell message to the organization and Astralis fans.

“I want to start by saying thank you to everyone at the organisation, my team mates, bubzkji, dupreeh, Gla1ve, Xyp9x, Magisk, Zonic and our fans for everything that we’ve accomplished together,” he continued. “I love you guys and you’ll always be considered family to me.⁣”

Furthermore, Dev1ce mentioned that it wasn’t a surprising decision for him to join Ninjas, “Teaming up with Ninjas In Pyjamas might come as a surprise for a lot of for you, but for me it has been a natural transition given that Sweden has been my home for a while now,” Dev1ce added. “I’m really excited for the new project and my biggest wish is for you guys to understand, and continue supporting me on my next mission in this game that we all love. ⁣”

In the end of his message, the legendary AWP player send his deepest love for his followers and said goodbye to Astralis, “I’m proud to be your player and Astralis will always hold a special place in my heart. My biggest hope is that when we’re able to share our passion in the arena again, you will continue to support me as you’ve always done.⁣⁣ I promise to put on a show.⁣⁣”

You can check out the picture that Dev1ce shared below.

Photo Credit: Dev1ce – Instagram

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