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Ninjas In Pyjamas CS:GO Player Lekr0 Reveals His Thoughts About The f0rest



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Jonas Olofsson, known as “Lekr0” is a 26-year-old Swedish CS:GO player who has been playing for Ninjas In Pyjamas since June 2018. Before that, he was playing for Fnatic. On 1 November, during the interview with, Lekr0 shared his thoughts about legendary player Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg and his form.

“Obviously f0rest had a very poor Major and people were skeptical about what was going on, if he could he recover, and now we saw that the last three tournaments he played he did really well again. How was it from your perspective, seeing the dip in form and then the resurgence of f0rest?”

Lekr0 said:

“It was just one fluke event for him, I had never seen f0rest play badly before for a whole event. It was something that happened one time, there was stuff going on outside of the game, many things had happened, he had become a father as well, there were a lot of things going on, I didn’t even think about him losing form or anything like that. I was never worried, I know he can perform, it was fine.”

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