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Ninjas in Pyjamas Rainbow Six Siege Player Psycho Explains How They Will Beat Giants Gaming



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Gustavo Rigal, known as “Psycho,” is a 21-year-old Brazilian Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing for Ninjas In Pyjamas since August 2018. In his career, he earned around $50.000 from the tournaments that he played.

A few days ago, during the interview with, Psycho unveiled how they will beat Giants Gaming at the Six Invitationals. asked:

“Much has been said about the seeding process for the groups. Does your team have any gripes with it? Should there have been a cap on the number of teams from one region?”

Psycho replied:

“Of course, there should be a limit on  teamsthe teams per region in the same group.” asked:

“Only Giants Gaming is not from your region in this group. How are you preparing for their play style, if it comes to it?”

Psycho said:

“We were watching a lot of their games while the Pro League was still on, and then we are going to make some counter-strategies at our bootcamp in Montreal.”

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