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NRG Announces CS:GO Roster Changes – Here Is The Community’s Reaction



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NRG Esports is North American Esport organization. On 11 June, they announced their in-game leader daps has been removed from the squad who had been playing for NRG for 3 years. After that news, they said that Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz is going to replace daps.

daps said:

“Would like to thank everyone for the support, while I would love to still play with the guys I already feel a sense of relief being able to take some time at home and mentally reset. I will try and focus more on myself individually and assess all of my options”

stanislaw said:

“I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to join such an incredible team. I’ve never been more hungry to win. Let’s do this!”

NRG player Cerq added:

“You convinced the NRG team and org to take a chance on me and I appreciate that a lot. You’ve taught me a lot in and out of the game and I can’t thank you enough for that. Even if we’re parting ways as teammates, I’ll always consider you one of my closest friends. GoodLuck @daps”

daps replied:

“We had a good time together starting back in Odense in 2017 and throughout the team house in Vegas haha. Thanks for playing with me and I hope you guys lift some trophies this year”

Peter “PTR” Gurney said:

“Yeah I would have to say it was expected that NRG bench Daps and grab Stan. If that team doesn’t implode NRG will be a very scary team.”

NRG coach ImAPet said:

“Today we have announced @peterjarguz to our starting lineup. We’re looking really forward to playing with him and developing this team further. With that being said, we will be moving @daps to the bench position. It’s been a pleasure working with you over a year and without you I wouldn’t be on this team. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs, creative discussions, and fun times. We had a lot of firsts together, winning our first $250k tournament and domestic tournament (cs_summit3).”

Former CS:GO player seangares said:

“Rarely do you see all of the players in a team make such heartfelt public messages when replacing someone, especially an IGL. It’s even more impressive given how young the NRG players are. Just goes to show how valuable @daps was to the team’s successes. There’s so many good landing places for an IGL like daps in NA. I’d be shocked if he’s not getting a handful of offers this week. With that said, I think the change is good for both parties. NRG hit a weird plateau and they needed to make a change in attempt to win events.”

You can read the tweets below.

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