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NRG Esports CS:GO Coach ImAPet Reveals His Opinion About Their New Transfer



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Chet Sing, known as “ImAPet” is a 22-year-old American coach who has been working for NRG Esports since 21 May 2018. On 11 June 2019, NRG announced that they signed Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz as an in-game leader. On 18 August, during the interview with the, ImAPet revealed his thoughts about the new player: Stanislaw asked:

“stanislaw was the team’s second-best performer at the Minor with a 1.24 average rating. Was that the sort of impact that you expected from him and that you missed with daps?”

ImAPet said:

“I was expecting something around that level for sure, we had previously played matches against stanislaw and you could tell he had a lot of impact for his teams. He lurks and makes creative, unrehearsed plays that help us win a lot of rounds, which is something we might have lacked previously.”

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