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NRG Esports CS:GO Head Coach Joins The Clup: Everybody Hates Vertigo



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After Valve removed Cache for competitive CS:GO, they added a reworked map; Vertigo. Since the beginning of that update, almost everybody in the professional scene criticized the Vertigo.

Chet Singh, known as “ImAPet” is now one of them. He has been coaching for NRG since 2018. On 15 May, he tweeted about the Vertigo should change.

ImAPet said:

“Vertigo needs massive changes for CTs to be competitive on the map. There’s such limited options for CTs to get any control anywhere. Somehow need to mess with T spawns for A without hurting their spawn timings for B and making more cover for B site for CTs defending.”

Caster StrongLegs replied:

“I think A layout needs restructuring entirely, not just timing of spawns. Lack of versatile crossfires, setups, or any support system. Nowhere to play on site once smokes and mollies land. Sandbags kinda useless since you can’t ever get there and can easily be cleared”

“Also can’t have more than 1 person on A site since its claustrophobic as hell for CTs.”

ImAPet replied:

“Yeah that’s also a good suggestion, but if CTs get more space and that I think the map will be a lot better”


“There are def many ways it can be improved, let’s hope”

You can check the tweets from below.

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