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NRG Esports Valorant Player Daps Gives A Huge Tip For The Aspiring Professional Players



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Damian Steele, known as “Daps,” is a 27-year-old Canadian former CS:GO player who had represented NRG Esports, Cloud9, Gen.G Esports, and more. Since October 2020, he has been playing Valorant for NRG Esports.

Daps took his official Twitter account to share a new post and wanted to share a great tip for the upcoming talents to the professional Valorant scene.

In the post, Daps mentioned that you shouldn’t be maining only one or two agents because when the agent bans become a thing in the game, versatile players are going to become much more important.

Here is what Daps said:

“Tip for aspiring pros: focus on playing multiple agents rather then insta locking duelist. If you aren’t getting on a team now as a Reyna/Jett main wait until agent bans become a thing and being versatile matters even more. If all you care about is being radiant keep at it.”

You can check out the post below.

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