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NUTURN Impresses TenZ And SicK With Their Gameplay Against Version1



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NUTURN Gaming is a South Korean organization who managed to find a ticket for VCT Masters Reykjavík by beating up DAMWON Gaming at VCT 2021: Korea Stage 2 Challengers with a clean sweep.

Unlike the League Of Legends international championships, North American and European organizations are the favorites of the tournnaments. But, NUTURN Gaming managed to impress the community with their performance in the first two matches.

In the first day, the South Korean organization faced against Sharks Esports, and they were behind 0-1 after losing the first map, Haven. Then, NUTURN managed to comeback to the series by winning the rest of the maps.

Yesterday, they faced the NA Challengers finalists, Version1, and got smashed by the North Americans with 13-3 on Haven. However, the second map was Ascent, and it was the most intense map of the tournament.

Both of these teams could won the second map, but they couldn’t close up the rounds in the last three rounds, and the game went to overtime. Thankfully for NUTURN, they managed to win tree rounds in a row and secured Ascent.

Once again, the third map Split went to the overtime following the five-round comeback from Version1. But unfortunatly for the North American side, NUTURN was the team who pulled off the map and the series.

NUTURN was playing so good as a team that most of the community couldn’t believe their eyes. The players such as Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, Ryan “freakazoid” Abadir, and Hunter “SicK” Mims shared their thoutgs about the veteran roster.

“Fundamentally NUTURN play extremely well with each other, always having a buddy to trade nearby, ready to assist with utility,” TenZ mentioned how a good team they are.”And from their rotations/positioning you can see they have insane communication.”

“NUTURN play some insane valorant what is going on,” Sick praised the gameplay of the South Koreans. “Probably the most impressive team in terms of pure strategy. Can’t wait to see this map 3!”

You can rewatch the match below.

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