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OG Esports CS:GO Player Aleksib Reveals How It Feels Like To Beat ENCE



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Aleksi Antti Kaarlo Virolainen, known as “Aleksib,” is a 22-year-old Finnish CS:GO player who led the ENCE to be one of the greatest teams in 2019. Later on, ENCE part ways with him and Aleksib joined the OG Esports.

Yesterday, after OG Esports beat ENCE on an official match, and Aleksib revealed how it feels like to beat your own teammates, during the interview with asked:

“The opening series of this event was one of the main storylines coming into ICE as you faced your former teammates of ENCE. Did playing against them give you an additional desire to win or propel you to prepare more?”

Aleksib replied:

“I think it would be naive for me to say that I didn’t prepare for this match more than the others. It’s something that is a bit personal, and I think every player in the scene who has been in the same shoes would handle the match the same way. It was personal; in some situations, I felt a little pressure, which is not too common in the sense of when we started Train on the T side, our direction in some rounds was really bad. Obviously it’s the whole team, but I would blame myself for it. I was face-palming to myself and asking why I was letting this happen. I’m glad we brought it back and glad that we played a huge overtime.”

He continued:

“Between maps, I just told my team: ‘Guys, this shouldn’t have been this close, we played so many of these rounds in practice. Next map, I will do everything way better’. As you saw, on our Overpass T side we had direction and communication. Everything was molding together and that’s when I felt that we would be dangerous if we played like this.”

Aleksib added:

“Just to sum it up, obviously, it feels good to beat your former teammates of such a long time, with the storyline behind it. I’m just glad for every fan who’s supporting me and OG.”

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