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OG Esports CS:GO Player Aleksib Reveals Why The Team Is Successful Right Now



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Aleksi Antti Kaarlo Virolainen, known as “Aleksib,” is a 23-year-old Finnish CS:GO player who has been representing OG Esports brand for over ten months. Before that, he was playing for ENCE.

During a recent interview with the OG Esports’ official website, the captain of the roster Aleksib revealed the reason why they have been playing great recently.

In the conversation, Aleksib mentioned that it has almost become one year since they joined OG, and spending more time together made them know each other. According to Aleksib, this fact one of the biggest reasons why they started to play great right now.

Interviewer asked:

“After your very tough first semester, it felt like the team really came together and started performing at the end of June, demonstrating fantastic gameplay. What, according to you, initiated that change?”

Aleksib replied:

“Honestly ? Playing together for a longer time.

It simply enabled us to finally show what we are capable of and get used to each other. We just needed more time together.”

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