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OG Esports CS:GO Player NBK Reveals The In-Game Leader Of The Team



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25-year-old legendary French CS:GO player Nathan Jordan Schmitt, known as “NBK,” has been playing for OG Esports since December 2019. Before that, he was playing for Team Vitality and G2 Esports.

During the recent interview with GG Recon, NBK revealed that Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen and he are both giving the calls in the team and explained in the conversation.

GG Recon asked:

“Well, you guys will definitely have some time to establish yourselves up right there. But you mentioned just now that the philosophy in the game for you guys was planned to be that it was going to be you and Aleksib who’s really kind of figuring rotations and everything. And everyone else has to focus on their aim, but how much of a say do you have in calling in that case? Because I was under the impression that it’s just Aleksib allows you doing it?”

NBK replied:

“Yeah, it is. We tried two different versions, ultimately we stuck with Aleksib for the calling and so what I’m doing now is helping him and Casper, our coach, with preparations especially for the CT side because I have a very good understanding and I also want to bring a lot more simplicity to the whole roster and the way we portray everything.

So, those are the main things that I do, and then in game I control my part of the map so there is trust between Aleksib and me and we work that way, because I know what’s good on my bomb site and he can not see everything you know. So, we work that way for the most part. I help with mid run calls as well, and that’s pretty much it. The structure is very simple. “

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