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Optic Gaming CS:GO Player Smashes Valve For These Reasons



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Mathias Lauridsen, known as “MSL” is an in-game leader for Optic Gaming. He had played teams like North, Rogue, Team Dignitas and more. He left Rogue on March 2019 and joined Optic Gaming. On 17 May, veteran player tweeted about the things that he doesn’t like and bad for competitive CS:GO.

MSL said:

“I think Its about time someone speak up about these past updates, they are really not as good as ppl have said. The economy changes made things worse for the better team and good for worse team, the AUG is too OP, u can get 3 kills in positions that u shouldnt even get 1 kill”

He continued:

“Also vertigo is just not a map that should be played competitive. Its about planting the bomb and do 15 rounds of afterplants, it goes so much against what csgo require of teams and players. @csgo_dev

Esport Director of Natus Vincere B1ad3 replied:

“Pretty sure they are already fixing the map.”

You can check the tweets from below.

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