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Overwatch And CS:GO Host Frankie Ward Looks Cute While Showing Her Support To FaZe Clan



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Famous Overwatch and CS:GO host Frankie Ward took to her official Instagram account to share a new photo of herself and showed her support to FaZe Clan.

Frankie was watching the IEM New York Finals between OG Esports and FaZe Clan, and she also joined the fan cams during the match. Also, she took a selfie to memorize this moment and looking fabulously beautiful without making a makeup.

While we were writing this, over 3K people pushed the like button of Frankie’s post, and most of the fans shared their reactions in the comment section.

Here is what Frankie Ward captioned:

“We on the fan cams for ESL – I’ve got FaZe Clan while James Banks is on OG Esports duty. Who you got?”

James Banks added this comment:

“Well, it felt rough these first two maps!”

A fan named Paul wrote:

“I noticed you when they showed the fan cam😄 Wondered what you were doing there 😄”

You can check out the post below.

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