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Overwatch Player Dogman Shares His Opinion About The Overwatch’s Current Status



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Dusttin Bowerman, known as “Dogman” is a 21-year-old American Overwatch player who has been playing for Atlanta Reign since February 2019. Before that, he was playing for the academy team of Atlanta Reign, ATL Academy.

On 23 December, he shared his thoughts about the Overwatch’s current status and he said that this game is still fun to play.

Dogman said:

“I think there are a bunch of unfun abilities in overwatch. However the only ones people care about are the ones that are currently meta. Abilities like hack and matrix are equally as unfun as immortality field and orisa hault. Just not meta. A lot of the newer mechanics are unfun”

He added:

“But overall the games still fun to play imo. I’m enjoying playing overwatch despite a bunch of unfun mechanics. So if you talk about some of the broken ones talk about the other mechanics too imo”

CEO of Phil Gaming, Redshell replied:

“Thats cause you never see the true color of a game until something unfun becomes meta. Sombra, Hammond, Symm, Mei, Moira. its just shit that its not meta but someone playing it on the enemy team is straight up aids to play against.”

Streamer Flood said:

“Sombra in my opinion is the most inherently broken hero in the game. Such that I don’t think there is a way to balance her current kit without changing it entirely. Hanzo has been too strong since rework. Etc”

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