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Overwatch Player Fate Joins Shanghai Dragons



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Koo Pan-seung, known as “Fate,” is a 22-year-old South Korean Overwatch player who had played for teams like Immortals, Los Angeles Valiant, and many more. Recently, he was playing for Florida Mayhem.

Yesterday, Fate took to his official Twitter account to share a new post and announced his new path with Shanghai Dragons for the Overwatch League.

In the post, Fate said goodbye to his former organizations and showed his gratitude for their help. Furthermore, Fate stated that he will do his best to bring good results to Shanghai Dragons and showed how excited he is.

Here is what Fate wrote:

“Hello, this is Fate.I will be changing teams from Florida Mayhem to the Shanghai Dragons, But thank you so much for Team Mayhem. First, I am truly grateful to my GM, Albert, for making an environment where I could fully focus soley on my gameplay through the 2020 season.

I’m also really thankful for our managers who worked extremely hard to make sure our our team could run smoothly. And I think I’ll never be able to forget our coaches, who lead and taught me, both in and outside of the game. My teammates – we had a really tough year, but we still found ways to have fun because we were together.

I’ll do my best to work hard and have fun with my new team, the Shanghai Dragons, and bring good results. And finally, I’d like to thank my fans for always cheering me on and supporting me!”

You can check out the post below.

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