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Overwatch Player uNKOE Roast Dogman For Quirky Reason



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Benjamin Chevasson, known as “uNKOE” is a 23-year-old French Overwatch player who has been playing for Dallas Fuel since 2 April 2018. On the other hand, 21-year-old player Dustin “Dogman” Bowerman has been playing for Atlanta Reign. On 25 August, uNKOE roasted Dogman and said that he was winning tournaments Dogman was not even born.

uNKOE said:

“Its actually insane to act like a good guy in private and being toxic in public after a win. People really have to understand that you can no be toxic when you never won anything since the beginning of the game. I was winning tournaments you were not even born.@DogmanOW”

uNKOE added:

“I’m fine with trashtalk, but trash talking someone that can’t answer back, especially after a loss, what a weak move. He just sounds more butthurt than anything else. Bro, you definitely don’t deserve to be in team USA with that shitty mindset.”

You can check the tweets below.

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