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Oxygen Esports’ FoxA Names The Most Important Quality In Rainbow Six Siege



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Davide Bucci, known as “FoxA,” is a 23-year-old Canadian Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing under Oxygen Esports for over a year. Previously, he had played for Team Reciprocity and Cloud9.

FoxA took his official Twitter account to reply to the tweet of coach Gotcha and revealed his opinion about which skill is the most important in the game in order to become a good player.

While Gotcha was pointing out that practicing your aim in AimLab, T-Hunt, and many other exercise tools are great, he also stated that Siege is much bigger game than simply raw aim. According to Gotcha, knowing how to drone as an attacker might benefit more compared to having a good aim.

In the tweet, FoxA pointed out that players don’t really have to have incredible aim to win the gunfights or even be better. Instead of making crazy flicks all the time, FoxA thinks that good crosshair placement and pre-checking the angles is the key for the Siege.

Furthermore, FoxA doesn’t think that having a good crosshair placement or even the preaim is the most important ability as a player. In fact, FoxA believes that game sense and game knowledge is the most important quality in the game.

FoxA on the most important quality in Siege:

“I know lots of smart players but it looks like they play with a controller. I dont think you need crazy aim as much as you need good crosshair placement and pre checking angles. I think the most important quality is game sense.”

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